Concieved in Abhorrence

by Terrorama

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This is originally part of a 12" split with the brittish maniacs of Adorior. Released in 2010 by Nuclear War Now! Productions.


released June 8, 2010

Recorded in Bloodworks Studio, Sweden. Produced by Marcus Lundberg and Terrorama. Cover art by Linda Nygren.



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Terrorama Sweden

Hailing from Sweden, Terrorama's goal has always been to create raw, traditional metal and avoid being sucked into the stagnant conformism that more and more tightens its grip on metal in general and the underground in particular! Instead of falling into this typical lowlife degradation the group has continued to plough deeper into territories yet unexplored. ... more

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Track Name: Concieved in Abhorrence
In the age of sexual depravation only fresh meat is the cure – feeders hunted down.

Within every fold, orders are clear; don´t commiserate tonight.

Roaming through the peaceful
villages – conception of the prey.
Masticating offence.

Desecrated womb, a final round. No negligent (left) alive.

From the altar – amniotic fluid.
A ferocious creature is born.
The secrets pouring – promiscuous climax.
The utterly debased is spawned.

Raveled together in pain –
conceived in abhorrence.
Interminable plaintive screams –
conceived in abhorrence.

The great epicurean
humiliation, repudiate the once adorned. Evoking the divine - pleasure set ablaze. Entangled in the pit. Desire, lust & death.

A mendacious era has reached its end. The out of wedlock has transcended. Pieces of placenta upon the floor. Odious offspring of the impure.

Conceived in abhorrence.